Chiari Research Project Results

Please feel free to share with whomever :)

Chiari Research Report.pdf

Disclaimer: This was a research project done by patients for patients.

Leslie, you compiled a lot of information. Wonderful job and wonderful presentation!


Thanks! We had fun doing it. If nothing else comes from it, I have already learned that it makes some Chiarians feel not so alone with their symptoms and not feel like they are "crazy." :)


All I can say is WOW and MANY, MANY THANKS for all your hard work in doing this...I so appreciate it!

I also want to add that the format you used is wonderful...I have to print this out...silly printer is giving me grief!!LOL

Jill and Leslie...words cannot express the gratitude I feel ....thanks again for doing this and sharing your findings!


It amazes me being newly diagnosed as to how many of these symptoms I have. The first list I have every one of them. Thank you for your efforts in trying to educate Drs. on this. It is so frustrating to have them dismiss everything.

Can I share this on FB? It would help a lot of other chiarian's not on this forum.

IrishGirl, please share everywhere! :) It is on FB in some of the groups but add to anywhere and take to your docs if you would like :)

Lori - thank you! You are so awesome! <3!


You are way too kind! I am FAR from awesome!! I finally got this to print...go figure..hubby is a tech guys and I am always the last one to have this stuff fixed!!LOL

Thanks again to you and Jill!