Project on Chiari

Hi I am doing a powerpoint on Chiari for my anatomy class would love some input maybe stories, and Picture for a collage of chiarians to show that chiari affects people of all ages, all races ect. Would love some help with this project due in a week. thanks katie

thanks as long as you dont mind will put them in my presention

Katie Gleaves said:

I have several pics on my page with details on each picture. Feel free.


I am sure you will ace the project!!!! Sorry, I don't have any pictures..only my profile one.

Let us know how it goes!!!!!!

I have a couple of great MRI pics on my page, feel free to use them :)

I did a powerpoint presentation in college for my speech class on Chiari. If I can find it I'll post it so you can use for an example.
You're welcome to use any of these pictures:

(I created this one for my blog)

Do you have FB? I have surgery pics on my FB.

Katie C,

You are more than welcome to use any part of my story. My symptoms started after a car accident, where I was rearended. I read somewhere that 1 out of 4 Chiari patients had symptoms start or worsen after some kind of trauma. I have Chiari and Syringomyelia, but I haven't had surgery yet. I only have my profile picture, but you are welcome to use it. Good luck with your project!