Chiari Awareness

I made some images in photoshop using my own MRI and one that was uploaded of a healthy brain.... Used my head to demonstrate the difference but the one with Chiari is my actual Brain lol also ignore the Odontoid I know this is case specific and isnt exactly Chiari it is highlighted for my family to see... Anyway figured I'd show you guys see what you think.

I wanted something that I could show to someone who had never heard of Chiari and explain to them very briefly what is the problem.

543-ChiariAwareness.jpg (449 KB)


Wow! No wonder my neck hurts...LOL. That's really a great illustration of Chiari. Puts it in a whole new perspective for sure. Great work and thank you very much for doing that. I printed it out so I can show it to my family and others. Wendy


Of course Abby, I’d be happy to make you one of your own if you have a side photo of yourself and your MRI… Doesn’t take too long.

Fantastic pic x

It’s no problem at all Abby, playing with photoshop/editing is a bit of a hobby of mine and to be honest being creative with it is something I enjoy. Takes my mind off things :slight_smile:

As you can see from my profile picture :slight_smile: