Follow up with NS and symptoms

Well I go back to the NS today for results to MRI of C spine and MRA of brain and C spine. There were a few things found on the MRA's. I have a partially fused C-2, C-3. Incidental absent and or hypoplastic left posterior communicating artery and buldging disc. I have reviewed my discs and there is a spot on the MRA of the brain I do not understand. It shows up on the right frontal lobe. You can see where the dye all collected in this spot. Also my symptoms have changed. The ringing in my ears has become a buzzing in my head, my mucles feel as though I have been run over, I feel as though there is a lump in my throat all the time and am constantly clearing my throat until it is sore. I am able to swallow but sometimes food gets stuck. Some days I think to myself, am I crazy because there are days I feel great and then the other shoe drops and the symptoms are back. I have been getting more headaches. In this experience not one doctor has given me medications to help with the pain or headaches. I have also been having massive pain below my breast bone that feels like squeezing and end up in the fetal position r/t the pain. I still have the swayed gait, off balance ect. Has anyone else experienced these changes in symptoms?


Cannot add to all the info Abby posted here...Thanks Miss Abby!

Just wanted to see how you are and ask you to keep us updated on how things are going for you.