? Question?

hi all... I have a question. I will do my best to describe/ ask. First a lil history on me. I have had a CT and MRI of the brain, no other tests have been done. I never had an MRI of my spine. I seen a wonderful NS and I am going to have decompression in Aug.........MY QUESTION............. is I have what seems to be a knot or something which I believe is right around c1/c2. When I put my head down and move my head back left to right I can really feel it. I totally forgot to ask my NS about it =( I was just wondering if anyone has/feels this. I don't know if it maybe the muscles knotted up or of its something else. It definitely feels like its at the top of my spine. any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!

Ml, I would make another appt with your NS or at least call and ask for a C-spine MRI. I’m glad you found a great NS.