Flying after decompression

I am 4 years post decompression. When I flew before diagnosis I felt it intensified my symptoms mainly my dizziness. I still suffer dizziness but I was wondering if anyone has any problems flying post decompression also any problems with roller coaster rides as we are planning a trip to Disneyland. My doctor has given me the ok but just dont want my symptoms to increase again.

Thank you

I have no post-op flying experiences as of yet. Hopefully your dizziness won't return!

My NS said no to roller coasters. I might would ride some of the gentler rides at Disney but I don't think I'd ride any real coasters with big drops or loops or anything personally. Luckily Disney doesn't have too many of those. I love roller coasters so much but I just can't imagine all the jerking and whipping around could be good post-op so I sit them out.

I still have my dizziness but my neurosurgeon said flying is ok I just hope it does not make it worse.

He told me right after surgery no roller coasters or that he would not recommend it, however, since I am 4 years post op I asked him again and he said it was fine. I may still steer clear from them though. lol

I flew 3 months after my decompression. I did experience some dizziness, but it wasn't horrible.

I am now 6 months post-op and my dizziness (I had it since 2001) has still not subsided. My headaches are basically gone, but dizziness/vertigo - not.

well update....I flew and rode roller coaster rides and well something didn't like me....I am thinking the rides. My dizziness has increased and am slowly trying to live with it being this bad again without letting it affect my life