Eye Redness and Puffiness

Hello Everyone,

has anyone here had experiences with their eyes where the actual eyelid becomes puffy and inflamed looking and also very dry and sort of droopy? If anyone could let me know, I would appreciate it.


These are some earlier discussions about Eye Problems. I hope they help some. My eyes are also sensitive post chiari & Decompression Surgery .




Hi Megan,

Wow, I have this and I just thought it was dry skin. Do you think it could be Chiari related? My eyelid becomes irritated in the crease, painful and red. My eyelid will swell up and droop. I have used baby lotion, hydrocortizone cream and bacitracin ointment on it. After I put that on I will get peeling skin. It lasts between 3-4 days. It only happens to one eye at a time and it is usually the right eye, in fact, I have it right now! Does this sound like what you have? I've never mentioned it to the doctors.


Hi Terri,

Yes it sounds very similar to what I'm experiencing. And the last time I was at my neurosurgeon I thought I mentioned it to him, but they didn't seem overly concerned about it. I just know I've only had it happen over the past year or so when I found out I actually had the chiari. So as it being a symptom I'm really not sure, but it could be I suppose. I just use cream to try to get the dryness to go away, which helps some, but its not a permanent solution because it always comes back. So I really don't know what could be causing it.

There's a great oil for dry skin called Argan OIl. I have been using it for over a year and love it. You only use a little but it works on really problem dry spots and it feels great.I got rid of all my face creams and just use that. I gave it to my mom and she had a quarter sized dry spoy on her face and it cleared it up in about 3 weeks and it hasn't come back. I guess it has a really high Vit E content. They sell it in health food stores and on Amazon. The brand I use is Slice Of Nature. Some brands are really expensive but this one is 100% pure and relatively inexpensive on Amazon. If you do get it at a healthfood store some brands aren't 100% and it should smell like licorice if it's a good quality. Some brands toast the nuts and it's supposidly a cheaper quality.

If you need something to heal if it's peeling you can mix it up with a little Arnica cream to speed it up.