Epilipsy (spelling) away from CM/SM

Folks need some help where I can find some research and compare different types of seizures. Doing self diagnosis (i know can be bad and dangerous), but I think I have limited the types, if possible to have more than one type pf seizure on Katrina. I want to compare effects on body during and after and symptoms. The two I am particularly ear petite mal and simple complex. Their is some family history of the petite mal; my father had them even into adulthood. Thanks for the help

forgot I do have some concrete evidence from Katrina's original EEG showed abnormalities on the left side of her brain still waiting on the 24 hour video EEG results and might try to request another EEG with no video and see if they will do it for a week or so....since she does not always display the symptoms.......questions feel free to ask will answer ut off to get the kiddos some food and cook some for the wifey ...will be back in about 2-3 hours