Ear Pain

Does anyone have ear pain after lying down for awhile? Or having ear buds, ear plugs, anything putting pressure on/into your ears causes your ears to hurt? Almost like an earache.

I have always, always, been this way and I’m wondering, of course, if its the Chiari.


hi Debra,

B4 decompression I had many issues with ear ringing, ear 'fullness' , swooshing sounds in both ears.....it has gotten i'd say 75% better after surgery.

I should be more greatful for the things that have resolved/improved.....thanks fir bringing up the topic..

have you had surgery????


Lori, I have the swooshing white noise (especially on vicodin), ringing in my ears (left side worse and more frequent), ear “infections” which come on suddenly upon bending over (3 times that’s happened), vertigo, dizziness, etc. Since Nov I’ve been in Vestibular therapy. Which actually did help with the dizziness. It basically taught my brain what the new normal is/was.

I’m scheduled for decompression on the 28th at 11:30.

Abby, I had Menieres ruled out. And was diagnosed with Vestibulopathy…anything but admit I really had Chiari. So thankful I didn’t get lost in the system moore than that.

Today I’ve had a small flare up and my ears are really bothering me. I was wondering how I would survive the recovery, and thinking I needed to get a donut pillow for my ears. Lol.

To all, I know my name says Debra…but that’s what my parents call me when I’m in trouble. Please call me Debbie. :slight_smile:

Thankful for you all!


Hi Debbie:

So glad you have a date set..keep us updated.

God Bless,