Ear Noise

I have never posted before but I was diagnosed with Chiari a few weeks ago n told I was 7 mm. My family doctor said this wasn’t bad enough to be causing my headaches, noise in ears, and nauseousness. A week later I got a neurosurgeon because I knew I was sick. Two weeks later I am post op from having a shunt put in my brain due to fluid build up. I was told this should take care of my issues. I see the Doctor next week. I still have slight headache n pain, but the worst is the noise in my ears. It has gotten louder n my ears are now sensitive to loud noises n I still have slight problems with light hurting my eyes. Anyone having had the chiari surgery, do you think the surgery will help with the ear noise? It is driving me crazy.

I’ve never heard of getting shunt placed to fix Chiari, only other high pressure issues. I would get a second and third opinion from known Chiari Specialists. I’m sorry they did that to you.

Yes I had words with the office yesterday. They say they try not to do the surgery if at all possible. My appt. Is 11/16/17. They said I need to come in for a shunt adjustment cause my headaches are back n the nausea is awful. I am ok laying down. I want to get a 2nd opinion. Just don’t know where to go.

I had the posterior fossa decompression 6 months ago and i still have the loud high pitch noise.
It gets worse when i lean back on a chair or lie down.

I just had more pressure added to my head to slow down the shunt. My pain seems to be better today but the noise in the ears is still there. Yes they told me even if I have the surgery that noise may not go away. It really is awful. So sorry you still have yours too.

glad you are feeling better!
im still hoping things will settle down for me.
Its been a very slow recovery and i still have the ringing and problems with my left arm but fingers crossed it will get better eventually
All the best and wishing you a speedy recovery

I will pray that it gets better for you. I know how that ringing in the ears can be. I have heard some people say it takes time for it to get beter. Do you work n if so are you back to work. That was something,I have wanted to ask alot of peop le if they were able to work after the surgery

At this point in time i am not able to work since i still have problems with movement and hyperreflexia.
It seems to have affected the muscles and so i am not as coordinated as i was before i became symptomatic and my muscles fatigue quickly.
Im such a weakling
I was an artist and a musician.
I started to play the ukulele a little bit again recently but its hard because my fingers go numb
Unfortunately i still have most ( although not the worst) symptoms that i had before surgery and i wonder if there is still something wrong.
I hope not. wouldnt want to go through the surgery again!
The ringing noise is disconcerting and worries me often because i associate it with there being a problem which may or may not be the case.
For me it sounds like ive stuck my head in a fridge or like an alien space ship is landing …
really difficult to discribe but its nothing like usual tinitus…
Its much more high pitched and sinister
It comes and goes to varying degrees…
Hoping it will go away eventually
Fingers crossed
All the best for you

Good luck to you! I sure hope it gets better!

The best around that I got recommended to was Dr Jeffrey Greenfield at Weill Cornell in NYC. He was my 2nd opinion after having a surgery done by an idiot. Well Greenfield did this surgery and I feel amazing!!! There is a reason why they call him the best!!!
Check our weill Cornell Chiari Cares and also the DURAble Brains Foundation.

Hoping it gets better for you!