Ringing in ears!

Hi Everyone!!

Just wanted to know if anyone has ringing in their ears? I had my surgery in April of 2002 and had ringing in my ears that was really loud before surgery. Nine years later, I still have ringing in my ears that's really loud!! No change! Does anyone else have this and if so, have you tried anything that seems to have helped with the ringing?


Karen Sue

I also have ringing in my ears. It is the only symptom that has remained so far since surgery 7 weeks ago. I was wondering the same thing- what can help???

I have a friend with Chiari who also had the CSF. She had a shunt placed and told me the ringing in her ears stopped too, so I'm just wondering if that is the case or not. It kinda scares me to think of fluid building up in my head but I have had this a long time so I don't think it's anything dangerous, at least not yet. Should I see my neurologist or an ENT?

I also hear a lot of crunching sounds (gross, I know) when I turn my neck from side to side. I've been afraid to talk to anyone about it because unless you have Chiari, every symptom you talk to your family and friends about makes you sound crazy! So, if anyone has this symptom too, I'd appreciate any and all information!!! :)


Have you had a recent MRI????

My ear issues since surgery in 08 has gotten much better..once in a while I will get that fullness feeling along with ringing..

why i asked about a recent MRI is B/C it seems like so many of us also have cervical spine issues..I had 2 neck fusions and as I sit here i am hoping I don't need another..MRI was sent out of state for my NS to look at..6 hrs away..

So, i totally understand your concern re:Dr. Oro and finding a new doc....I moved 2 mths after surgery and no one wants to take me on as a patitent!! However, FINALLY..a 'spine specialist said he would see me next Fri...still waiting for my NS to call back.

Take Care,


Yes!! I do too. Its really loud and it makes me cringe! I get it in spurts sometimes. Its really annoying. Sometimes I'll press my ears shut (like thats really going to help...) to try and stop it. I've had it before and after surgery.


I don’t get the ringing in my ears - thank you Lord! But I do get a full feeling in my sinuses and my ears, sort of like pressure. Before the surgery, I would hear a swooshing sound when I moved my neck side to side; it felt like a crunching and sounded like somebody running their nails over the blackboard. That part has gone away since the surgery; but still get the pressure sometimes. Hugs. Shirley

Hey Susan,

I'm doing well...as well as I can:) Definitely have to laugh it off. Yep, the habits we have that don't help but we still do them lol maybe its a comfort thing?

I get the whooshing sounds too. Its annoying!! I think it is all pressure...it messes with everything up there.

Does anyone ever get like a squelching sound in there neck (whether they move it or not...) I could just be sitting watching tv or something and all of a sudden I feel something in my neck and hear a squelching sound. Almost like fluid is moving or popping..(I don't think I'm describing this right...) It doesn't happen too often but I do get it and its weird.



Susan Erickson said:


I totally do the same thing......I stick my fingers to plug my ears or cover it with my hand.....like its gonna help but yet, I continue to do it!!!! LOL. Funny the habits we have!!! And continue to do even if it doesn't help!!! LOL. Us Chiarians are so funny!!!! Gotta laugh about it right???

How are you doing Aliicia?? Much love my friend!!!