Does it really creep you out

When a new symptom just totally pops up out of the blue? Yesterday my right arm started this electric shock type burning and it was freaking me out. It hurt and made me feel like my skin was crawling. I hated it. It was there when I woke up today but after I took my meds it calmed down.

What symptoms do you have that really freak you out the most? I just get so scared that something bad is happening in my body and I won't know it. I think the nerve damage type stuff scares me the most. What do you do to help calm down about it?

Mine is when the left side of my face goes numb from my lower eyelid down to my chi and from my nose to my ear. It is happening more often now.

well when the nerve damage is really bad there’s not too much that can calm it down , I guess you just have to find the right meds.

YES...IT DOES CREEP ME OUT!!!! when a new symptom pops up out of nowhere...This happened MUCH MORE before decompression surgery.

I used to get those zings of electric shocks a lot more than I do a matter of fact..I am going for an EMG on the 5th of Oct..b/c of that...see, b/c my balance is in issue..I had a series of falls ...95% of the time I fell to the left....goofing up my left arm...DX's with RSD..Reflex Sympathetic Dystohy...Tx'd w/Prednisone for 1 mth then again for another mth..It did help bring down the internal swelling..but know i am left w/pain , tingling and numbness.

I have shared this b4 here but I will mention it again b/c of your topic....B4 surgery I would wake up from a sound sleep with out of control heart palpitations ....they lasted only about 2 min..but seemed like forever...That has gone away!!!

Get this one....FOR YEARS...I use to get bronchitis and pnemonia(sp) primary and pulmonologist told me once I quit smoking ciggs it wouldn't happen so often..see, I was put on anti biotics at LEAST 3x per yr.

Well, we all know smoking in BAD..but it is my only vice and I still haven't quit!!! However...not ONCE have I had to be on anti biotics since the decompression.....I find it hard to believe that there in no connection....

I also use to get these weird facial twitches.....they only occur once in a while now..also twitches in both arms(upper) rarely happens now..

You asked what I did to help calm me during these times...Looking back, once I was Dx'd I FINALLY began to accept that with Chiari..ANYTHING, pretty much could happen as far as Sx's go....So, I used humor to pull myself up some times...and to be honest..there were days that were dark for me.

Hope this helps...sorry I am so LONG WINDED!!!!!!


I was driving home and it felt like someone poured water down my left leg when I was trying to hit the brake. Two days later it happened again at work. It’s the strangest feeling. It seems to switch from that to a warm sensation running down from my knee to my foot - very warm - actually hot. It’s usually on my left side. Today I ran right into a desk at work. It’s always been there, but I really misjudged my distance. The thought of driving and having something bad happen also freaks me out.

Hi. I know what you mean. It is scary!! The nerve damage type stuff is something I hope will get better in time. I had my surgery Aug. 23 and I pray everyday that I'll see improvement there. Unfortunately with Chiari, new symptoms seem to pop up often. If you're having that much anxiety maybe you should see someone about it. I see a Chiari therapist and pychiastrist. I was prescribed a mild anti anxiety med for only when I need it. Speak to a medical professional you trust and see what they recommend. It's all part of this Chiari world we live in. It's mysterious and can be lonely and scary. Just breathe and know you'll be okay and always stay in touch with your doctor about any new symptoms. We're here for you too!!

Christine XO

I was diagnosed just a week ago, and have surgery scheduled for later this month. I never knew anything was wrong with me until these horrible headaches started about 3 months ago. In reading everything I can find online I realize that so many things that seemed un-related were actually symptoms of my disease; hearing loss, clumsiness; electric shooting pains in my arms etc.

I had a new symptom, or atleast I think it a symptom, pop up 2 mths ago. I've been to different doctor's to try to find out what it is. I have been getting a sharp burning pain in left arm and upper back (around shoulder blades).The pain comes when I stand or sit. Laying down is the only relief I get, but here lately that doesnt even seem to be helping much. I've been having a hard time getting the doctor's to figure it out. Been thru so many test and still no answers. Finally they are sending me to a NS, but my appt. is not until next month. Seems like they dont care how bad you feel. I have already been in pain for 2 months and now I have to wait another month and some. I tried everything I know to do. But now after reading that some of you guys get the sharp pain to makes me really think its the Chiari. What ever it is, I hope they find it.

Kenny, sure hope everything works out for you. Let us know how you are doing when you feel well enough to do so. You will be in my thoughts and prayers!


I know this an old discussion but I wanted to post on it re mbrantl post on leg sensations. I have the same on my right leg, always happens when I am sitting in an upright position. It started a few months ago as a sensation of warm water running down from just above my knee to my ankle, if I remain in the same position the sensation gets hotter until it becomes like a burning sensation. Doc has signed me off work as I can’t sit upright for long. Only diagnosed in may 2012, and so happy to see this is not uncommon with chiari. It’s been great to read the posts and get a better understanding of this condition.

I have the same problem severe nerve pain it feels like a shock and then a bad tooth ache in my arms, hands, and sometimes legs. I have pain meds but I have found that Lyrica really helps it is kinda weird when I first took it I'm not sure if it was to strong but it I guess I had a high peaceful reaction but by the third day all was well. I have however had my nerves rerouted because of the severe damage of the lack of spinal fluid over the years, my hand actual went completely numb and I would drop a glass if I was holding it. After surgery on my Ulna and Carpel Tunnel nerves I felt great and it has been nearly eight years and just recently my symptoms returned. I hope I can help! Any questions feel free to ask! God bless you!

I get short term loss of feeling in my left arm, hand, pinky and ring finger, it can last for a few hours up to a few days, returns short term then starts again. I have so any questions flying round in my head, I see te neurosurgeon on 25 July, should know a bit more then as they will have the results of my spine MRI. Thank you for responding, is great to know I’m not alone.