Disability for Children

Has anyone gotten Social Security for their child with Chiari 1? Zach has a 9mm protrudance but mild symptoms so far. Limp, incontinence. I have an appt with Social Security on Friday and wonder how hard it is to get it for a child. Anyone with experience with this I would appreciate hearing form you. Thanks

Children cannot get Social Security on their own. If you are an adult & disabled and are approved for Social Security, they will pay you an amount for your children under 18 years old. Children are eligible for Medicaid. Zach may be eligible for Florida state benefits. I live in Va, so I am not sure what Fl. offers. I really dislike giving people bad news. I am sorry.

Tracy Z.

I think you are incorrect. My 16 yr old step-daughter is mentally disabled and gets a check. My friend in school has a daughter with ADD and she gets a check. If you go on the SSI website for children it says that certain disorders automatically get it. Such as cerebral palsy. I just wasn't sure if Chiari counted.

This is a great link. A disabled child can get SSI if their parents financial status meets their criteria. It is not the same thing as Social Security Disability.


I hope things work out,

Tracy Z.

I would think his symptoms & diagnosis would make him eligible. Be sure and tell them all of his symptoms. Even if you don't think they are important. Read about Developmental Delay. It just tells you where he should be physically & mentally at his age. He may have symptoms you aren't aware of. I worked for Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Appeals before I became disabled. Also research symptoms he may have as he ages. I might be wrong but I don't think he has had decompression surgery. You need to tell them about the treatment options that Chiari doesn't have a cure and surgery may cause additional symptoms. I would add up the amount of time you spend on his care an average day & how he spends his days. What is he able to eat & drink???? Can he bathe himself? Does he take medication and does it help? Think of anything and everything possible. The more information you have the better your chances will be.