Did you guys know this?


Just wanted to pass along some info I just found out.

Did you know that when a chest x-ray is done that only about 60% of the ribs are seen in their entirety?

I did not know this...My 15 yr old Victoria had an injury during Lacrosse last April and is still having pain on her side along with difficulty taking a deep breath..Lung CT came back normal as well as chest x-ray.

However, at the ER after the CT scan .the doc Dx'd her with Pulmanary Edema...now all these mths later we are told everything is clear!!

So, tomorrow she is getting a full rib x-ray series done..which will/should show all the ribs from every angle.

I shared this with you all b/c many of us have balance issues and falls....just wanted to pass on the info about the ribs in a basic chest x-ray.

Have a good day , Gang!!



I did not know that, thanks for that little piece of information!