Decompression Surgery

Marley had her surgery yesterday morning. Had a day of sleeping. Has been vomitting everytime they give her morphine so she refuses it. Would rather deal wih the pain than vomit which causes more pain. Shes on percocet now which doesnt make her vomit. I was shocked when they said she may be going home today. She hasn`t gotten up to usee the toilet yet. So the goal is to get her up and going. She started to have a slight headache early this morning but slept through it.


Thanks for the update on Marley...poor thing..vomiting is the worse after this type of surgery!!

I am very shocked they want to send her home so soon...keep us posted.

HOW ARE YOU???????



I barely spent 48 hours in the hospital after my surgery. Are they giving her any nausea medicine? I was taking Zofren in the hospital plus right after surgery they put a nausea patch behind my ear that lasted 72 hours.

Hope her recovery goes more smoothly and she is able to get up and around soon.



I was also throwing up after surgery because of the morphine. I prefered to not be on it as well, and was better off without it. I am also surprised they want her to go home so soon. Doctors made me stay until I could do everything that I needed to on my own (day 4). I hope she feels better soon, and that you are doing well. I think the people who supported me through my surgery and now are supporting me through my recovery are even more overwhelmed that I was/am. We are lucky enough to sleep though most of it and not worry as much as our caregivers. Praying for a speedy recovery!

Doc wants her to stay another night laying flat. Shes not keeping food down. No more morphine. She had OT and PT come and show her how to climb stairs and get off the bed properly. She will come home as soon as she can keep the food down. They dont want her to dehydrate.

thank you all for your well wishes.