Day 3 Post Op

So I am 3 days post op and resting so comfortable on my couch at home! I am so glad to have it done and I can already tell changes.

First of all, they had to remove part of the first cervical vertebrae because everything was far more compacted than even the MRI showed. Then they went ahead with removing the bone and putting the dural patch.

After waking up, I could immediately feel relief from the pressure in my head. I am still getting headaches, but the NS said they should last a week or so because I lost quite a bit of CSF.

I was up walking around 10 hours post-op. They removed the cath and oxygen then too. I had to keep the oxygen when I took the Dilaudid. Now I’m home resting. My incision site isn’t sore much at all, rather my lower neck and shoulders. Sleeping on my side it great. Its been a great experience thus far. I recommend OSU Neuroscience Center, namely Dr. Daniel Prevedello. He’s got some seriously awesome bedside manners! I saw him both days post op, which were at Saturday and Sunday!!!