Could please use just a bit of encouragement today

Hi all, I had my decompression surgery with Dr.Ciricillo almost 3 weeks ago. I'm happy to say it went smoothly and I didn't develop any infections and had no complications at all. I have been home resting and have plenty of help, so I'm sure you're wondering why I need encouragement, right?

Well, I'm just wondering when my energy is going to start coming back??? I wake up about 7 and feel pretty good, besides a stiff neck and body from sleep. I take my pills and putter about happily until 11ish. By then I need to sit down and it pretty much goes down hill from there. I try to nap every afternoon after lunch and that helps some, but when I don' out. I feel like I'm slugging through mud the rest of the day. And nap or not, I don't have ANY energy in the afternoons. What can I do?? I know I'm only a couple weeks out of major surgery and perhaps I need more patience? I don't know. I just need some help, advice, encouragement, or something. Am I just being impatient? Has anyone ever felt this way and will it ever get any better??? I am a mom of three sons ages 14, 11, and 8. They are wonderful and such good helpers, but I miss being active with them...even a little bit. Also, I try to do my rehab exercises the doctor gave me and my neck is still super stiff, but I'm getting there. I've heard people talk of Arnica gel and I bought some but haven't used it. Does it work??

I look forward to the newness of each morning as it provides so much hope and energy. I'm just starting to dread the afternoons and I need a positive way to change my outlook....Any ideas are GREATLY welcomed and so appreciated! I'll try just about anything!

Thank you, everyone!!! :-)

Rose b,

So glad your surgery went well. The tiredness your describing sounds totally normal, and I’m sorry to say that at only 3 weeks out you may have a ways to go yet!! You should be napping frequently throughout the day, or at any point you feel like it! With 3 kids and a household you must be feeling the urgent need to be active in taking care of all if the stuff you did before surgery, but you must resist it! You’re only going to get one chance to recover from this. As long as no one is starving to death in your house you don’t need to taking action. I am 6 months post op and still get tired very easily. I have cleaned my house only 3 times since surgery (yes, I said 3). It is getting better though, very slowly everything is coming back- my energy, my personality, my witts, my desire to be all I can be. You will get there, I promis. Just be patient in knowing that its a real…slow…process…and you are supposed be tired on the sofa.

Being tired is totally normal! Your body is healing from a major surgery so just rest as much as you can! I promise it will pass it just takes a lot of time!

Please be patient, recovery takes time, take it easy you don't want any set backs. It took four months for me to get back to normality. Can you sit and read, do crosswords, word searches etc.

Patience was never one of my virtues either. And I was so very tired in the beginning. I am almost six months post op and am just now beginning to feel like I can complete a whole day. Hang on. You are not alone and it will get better.

Rose Bud...I am a Mum of a 26 year old daughter who had brain surgery last year...BE are doing so well, my daughter 'pushed too hard' initially and set herself back....SO you just need to listn to your own advice. Measure your progress by the week NOT day, expect no progrees sometimes. You have done well, sounds as if you have the love of a wonderful family...YOU ARE BLESSED... :) smiles of encouragement your way.

Best - Theodore45

Be gentle with yourself! Your body is telling you to rest and take it easy. You just had major brain surgery & your csf is finally flowing normal. I'm 6mths post op & I still need naps & help from my family. It's better to heal properly ( my doctor said it could take up to a year to heal) than to over do it & set yourself back on your road to recovery.

This was actually a great way to let my daughter(12) learn how to do things for herself. Clean her room, laundry, from start to finish, cook, sweep/mop, even do things without asking. My husband was already taught by his mother how to run a household so I was blessed with the husband lottery when I found him! :-)

Gentle hugs to you & just remember to listen to your body.

Hi Rosebud(:,

I'm so happy your surgery went smoothly. Don't over stress yourself about it. Stress aggravates Chiari. As you said, you are only 3 weeks post op from a major surgery. To be honest, you're doing amazing. Some people can't even get out of bed within the first 3 weeks. You just have to relax and take it really easy. I know it's hard with 3 kids, and you want to take care of them, but you need rest! Rest, rest, rest! It's the best thing! It's going to take a while to get back to normal. Never lose hope!


I am 2 months post op and Dr Ciricillo also did mine too. You are in the early stage of recovery and do need naps! I was still napping at 5 weeks post op. I am a nurse and this is the body’s way of healing so please listen to it so you don’t develop complications. I think the hardest part of this is having patience and letting others help. I wish you the best in your recovery… Remember to take one day at a time and be kind to yourself as you heal…

Hi there

I had my surgery at the end of May. 3 weeks ago I got more energy and started going without naps. Nap while you can as your body lets you know it needs it to heal. Not to say that i have not had a few naps when i feel tired. being more active can take a lot out of you. It is hard to give yourself a break, we are so used to being independent. It can get frustrating at times but resting will be worth it in the end. My neck is still a bit stiff. Sometimes more than others. I did the exercises here you put your hand on your face and apply,pressure with your hand while pushing back with your face. I found that helped. I am also starting to go for light massages which sometimes help and sometimes I feel sore after. Hang in there it will get better. You are on the way to the new you, welcome to your new “normal” :slight_smile:


I know it's frustrating but be patient with yourself and dont rush things. You can very easily set yourself back by rushing things. You have your whole life to do things and you only have this one time to recover and take care of yourself. You are setting a good example for your children that when you need help you ask for it and when your body needs it you take care of yourself. Be very careful with rehab and excersizing. You can hurt yourself and set yourself back. The "no pain, no gain" adage has to be thrown out the window... Replace it with "no pain, no pain" If you push yourself often times you pay the price and it's worse than if you had just taken things slow and been patient. I know it's hard.

Your body needs sleep, love, kindness, compassion, sleep and more sleep. Everyone has great advice. If you need help with energy and it will also help your healing vitamins would fit the bill. B complex, B6, B12 magnesium and Vitamin D would help. People with some of the conditions we have are usually low in in Vit D. I find that if I take 4k-5k IU of vtamin D3 a day I feel a lot better and have more energy.

As far as Arnica Gel......YES rub it on your neck or other sore spots as much as needed.

Just take care of yourself. This is a small blip in the lives of your children but if you dont take care of yourself it could be detrimental to you and set you back.


My son was also very tired by the afternoon after his surgeries. It took him to at least 6 mos to really start acting normally. I know for him, the CSF flow had a lot to do with him feeling ok. I want to say like the flow of it now has to regain a normal cycle I guess if that makes sense. It was blocked before and now has to circulate and your body has to get used to that. So the flow and pressure can affect your energy. Just a thought that it may be that for you as well. Hang in there!

Hi I could still barely do anything at 3 week post op. I cried most days and felt like I would never get any better. Even a visit of 10 mins meant I slept the whole afternoon. I turned a corner at 5 to 6 weeks and now 8 weeks post op just starting to do a bit more, but need to rest in between activities. I can hang washing out, short walks etc. I understand what you mean about the children, I have a 5 and 8 year old. They have just about finished the school hols and I missed most of it. No camping trips, no trips to paddle in the river, no holiday, and I'm gutted but hoping this time will mean I can do more in the future. Incidently I still have some symptoms, balance better but still blurry and woozy and fatigue - wow wasn't prepared for the fatigue. But it is slowly getting better. I'm sending you lots of good wishes.