Cine mri

I go Wednesday to Mayfield Chiari Center to have a CINE MRI and an appointment with Dr. Tew. I forogt to ask and it is too late to call tonight, but those who have had a CINE MRI, is there any prep for the MRI or anything you should and should not do prior to it? Is it an open or closed MRI? About how long does it take?

No worries. It's pretty much the same as a regular MRI. Mine was closed and probably took 20-30 minutes. Mine had contrast and I had a regular series of MRI's at the same time. So they finished the first series slid me out of the tube gave me a shot of the contrast liquid and then slid me back in. They put a pulse monitor on my finger and while I was in the tube asked me to bear down like I was having a bowl movement and hold it for I think about 8-10 minutes at a time and asked me to do it twice. That was my experience someone else may have been different but I can't imagine by much. It was very easy and I was really relieved to have it done. Good luck.

Mine took about 20 minutes. There was no constrast and no bearing down. Closed machine. Pulse monitor on my finger.

Hi doodlebear. My answer is the same as wendyanne, except I took a mussel relaxer and two altrum befor I went in and still thought I was going to go insane because of the thing under my neak. They did their regular one the pulled the bed out to do the injection and put me back in. LOL they tell you how long each one is. Even when its the last.I guess it what condition your in the day you gotta go.For me. I need something to relax. Love Twana

My daughter had one a few months ago here in Seattle. Same as a regular MRI, no contrast. They put a monitor on her finger. Showed a moderate blockage of fluid. Amazing pictures.

ok, thanks for the info. Tomorrow will be a long day, driving(with a friend) the 5 1/2 hours down to Mayfield, CINE MRI & Dr Tew consult and driving 5 1/2 hours back home.