Cine MRI done!

I finally got my CINE MRI done. It has been a two week wait for this. I took a look at the MRI part of it and compared it to my previous MRI and to me it looks like my herniation is a bit bigger. Tomorrow I will be calling to try and get the official results. I really feel like he will tell me I need surgery. My symptoms are just getting worse. I am having alot of difficulty walking and get tremors in my right arm now and then. The dizziness is bad when it comes and the headaches are unreal. My whole body gets twitches and I am thoroughly exhausted all the time whether I get enough sleep or not. I have insomnia almost every night and sleep most of the time during the day. At this point I have been out of work for a month and finally got my approval for medical leave and disability. So if surgery is needed and I think it is, I'm ready. Hopefully I'll get results soon and have a plan.



Congrats on getting the CINE MRI done. I hope you get the results back soon - I know I found mine to be very helpful. I hope that you get the help you need soon! Did your NS order this test or do you still need to find one?

I hope you get your results soon!