Help me with some questions?

My daughter will be returning to the NS after 12 months of wait and see. I am guessing he'll say the same thing as before though: surgery may or may not help. She did not have a syrnix in the last MRI he ordered nor does she show any neurological issues at all. Just 24/7 headache torture. So, I am guessing the CSF MRI is different than a regular one? Thinking I should ask for it. Also, what's CINE MRI? Is it called "sinny" or "sin"? Should I ask for that too? She is seeing Ellenbogan again in Seattle.

Her CM is 11 mm and no other treatment has helped in the least. She's tried so much...we even had her braces taken off to see if that helped (although they'd been on a year before this started). She'd so love to be better.

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I don’t have any answers for you, but I just wanted to say good luck. I hate to see kiddos with these symptoms! Just the headaches alone are killer.

I’m so sorry your daughter is going through this:( A CINE MRI (pronounced sinny) is a CSF flow study MRI to check for blockage of CSF. You should definitely discuss this with Dr. Ellenbogen tomorrow. He requested one for me before scheduling my 1st appointment with him, which is on April 30th… I have a 4mm herniation with a syrinx. I hope her appointment goes well tomorrow. It breaks my heart everytime I hear about a child suffering with Chiari:(