Mayfield in the morning

I will be on my way to Cincinnati in the morning for a cine mri and an appt. with Dr. Tew at Mayfield. I'm nervous, but happy to have a place not so far away, about 2 hours, where they know what they are doing. (I hope) I'm nervous about the mri. I am claustrophobic but she said it will only take about 10 minutes. Hopefully I can not panic for that long. We'll see. : )


Good luck! I hope they listen to you and take good care of you. If you can, let me know if they are any good. I live in Michigan and am in need of an actual CM specialist. Best wishes(:

I am 7 weeks post-op from surgery with Dr. Ringer at Mayfield. They are really nice and helpful there and I hope you have as good of an experience as I have! :)

Don't stress...the CINE only takes a few minutes. I was shocked at how quickly it was over! Best wishes!

Good luck. I hope it all goes well


Travel safe!!! Good luck and let us know how you make out!! He is very well respected in Chairi!!!!


just checking to see how you are making out///fill us in!!!

Thinking of you.


Well, the good news is I made it thru the MRI without kicking anybody or screaming. : ) It was less than 10 minutes. My flow is blocked. Dr. Tew is having me get an MRI of the rest of my spine because of some symptoms in my lower body. I can do that here in Indy in the nice open sided MRI scanner. I will also be getting a sleep study. He wants me to start a diet with the aid of a diet counselor. He said a plant based diet with the addition of some fish. I'm thinking more of going the paleo route. Vegetarianism has never been something I thought I'd do. I feel better eating meat and veggies. I will just have to cut out a lot of junk that I don't need. He said doing the diet for 6 weeks would help me be used to doing that and it will make it easier to keep doing after surgery. He said at least I don't smoke because I'd have to quit that first and I'm not obese or I'd have to lose weight too. So, I am to get all that done and see him again in 2 months. One thing that surprised me was when he came at me with a tongue depressor and I thought ok he's gonna look at my throat. He stuck that stick in my throat on each side and it didn't bother me at all. No gag reflex. My daughter said she was about to gag just watching that. lol

Overall, I feel good about the visit. They spent alot of time talking to me and it was obvious that they know their stuff. I actually had been thinking that I wished I had been eating better, now I have some time to get that improved and I have a little time to prepare.

Hey YOU!!

Sounds like Dr. Tew gave you a great work-up and plan of action. Rare these days to have docs spend time with the patient going over things in depth.

You must be beat from all of the testing, travel, up!!!!



So glad you had a good visit. I cannot express enough how pleased I was with my treatment at Mayfield!