Can't seem to catch a break

Well my NS appt went well. Feels a lot better with stitches out. Today I had the PICC line taken out of my arm. Doctor said I was good regarding the infection. BUT now I have a new problem. I had an allergy to the antibiotic I have been on. I have extreme itching and a rash that started on my neck & has gone down my back, across my neck and chest and on my face. Now I am on steriods... Please hope I don't have a reaction to that now. I keep telling myself eventually this is going to be over. Seems like anything that can go wrong, even though small percentage, it will go wrong.

What a rough journey you've had! Hopefully your coming out of the thick of it and everything will take a turn for the better.

Prayers still coming your way are certainly an inspiration!!


Aye Carumba you are going through a lot. I am so sorry that you are dealing witha rash now. I used to have bad reactions from antibiotics and acidopholus used to help me and fish oil. It helps fight the negative side effects because it kills off all the helpful bacteria in your body along with the unhelpful. Your body can't fight off some things it normally would. I used to get a fierce yeast infection or one time I got thrush. Yogurt has acidopholus but you're better off getting capsules at a health food store. I hope the steriods help too. I am praying for you honey. I can't wait till this is just a memory for you and you are filling us in on all the great things you can do because you feel so much better. I'm sending big hugs.


Good grief that is crappy luck! I will keep you in my thoughts, Becki. Keep being gentle with yourself. I know right now it feels like this garbage will never end but it WILL and you'll be a stronger, better person for having survived it.

Wishing you many rabbit's feet worth of luck!
Katrina W.