Finally off to the NS tomorrow

After 10 weeks of waiting & 26 years of suffering pain with a recent diagnosis to help explain why, I am off to the NS tomorrow. With symptoms worsening over the last few weeks it is not a moment too soon. My gag reflex has now become very minimal & the pain, burning & numbness becoming worse. I have had a recent bout of shingles & am having trouble with my tummy & macrocytosis again ( I previously had it after weight loss). I have now taken my little man off the boob so that I can try & keep the pain under control but hope I can get some answers tomorrow so that I can be a normal mum. I am extremely lucky that I have a very supportive partner who has done lots of net surfing for himself so that he has a better understanding of the condition & takes pride in being able to inform people when questioned. He has also become a great housemaid & the only time he has a negative comment about it all is when I am stubborn & won't take the pain killers as he hates to see me walk around in pain. Anyway thank you all for listening.


I hope you have a good NS appointment. Is someone is going with you? They can become very overwhelming.I understand constant pain. It 's beyond misery. It sounds like you have a great partner. Please let us know how everything goes. This is a great discussion family. We will be here whenever you need us.

God Bless,

Tracy Z.

Best of luck and please let us know how it goes.


Good luck tomorrow! I agree be sure to take someone with you so you have an extra set of ears. A list of your symptoms and questions you may have will also be beneficial to take.

I had to see 3 NS before finally finding one who listened and offered help.

Let us know how it goes.

Many blessings,