Can You Feel a Syrinx?

Can you feel if you have a syrinx? That may be a dumb question, I’m new to all this. My spine is ridiculously sensitive in some places. Near the middle there is a spot that if touched brings to me to my knees. And sometimes that’s even just my husband putting his hand on my back, light touch.

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I’m not sure if it’s the actual syrinx that you can feel as such but the pain you’re feeling is maybe just a by product of it. I have quite large syrinx that has caused damage to my nerves. And it’s the nerve damage that cause me pain. My syrinx has collected at the top of my spine but my pain is located to one area which is my left side from my ribs and wraps around to my back. I get a multiple different types of pain in the same area. Sometimes it a burning sensation so bad that if I or my partner touches brings me to tears. And sometime it’s like what I would think being stab would feel like (sorry I know intense image) However I can only speak to my circumstances and would suggest checkIng with your specialist to make sure that the pain your feeling is in line with your syrinx and there not another cause to your pain. They also might have medication that can help manage your pain. Also I have found on here some great Alternative ideas from other people and how they deal with their pain. So keep reading and asking questions. Hope this was helpful in Some way!

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Thank you, I appreciate you sharing! My intense pain is mostly along my spine, & it is that needle-stabbing feeling (I think like you described). I thought I’d read a post on this forum where someone said that had syrinx all down their spine, which is what prompted my initial question.

No problems :slight_smile: Did your chiropractor tell you how the syrinx is formed? Also have you had any loss off sensation around the area that hurts as well as anywhere else in the body that’s also think that is associated with a syrinx.

My MRI keeps getting postponed due to the pandemic. I will HOPEFULLY have it done next Monday. I get tingling numbness down my left arm, sometimes my left leg as well.

Oh that’s so crap about your MRI. I would maybe suggest keeping a symptom diary so that when you go into your specialist again you can tell them everything. it’s some times hard to remember exactly what you felt and when. And sometimes emotions can cloud thought. I would write down every little thing you might experience it may have something to do with the condition or it might be something else.
I separate mine in to sections.
pins and needles/numbness

It helped me when I went to talk to specialist. But also it helped me feel a bit more in control of myself. I think that, that can be one of the hard parts in all this feeling helpless. It does sound like you may have syrinx just from the similarities that you’ve mentioned and that I’ve experienced but I’m not a doctor. And I’m sure your craving answered right now but Try not to panic or get worried or stressed about it. I know easier said then done but we’ll be here when the results come back. :slight_smile: