Syrinx & Chiropractor?

A long story short....
Back in May 2012 - I had some issues with tingles in finger/thumb. Had an MRI in June or July and they found a couple different issues (Chairi, Syrinx, thickened spinal ligament). About the same time the tingles came...I had tailbone pain. At the time, I thought the tailbone pain was a muscle strain and it would go away eventually.

Fast forward to November...I finally went to various doctors about this tailbone pain.It only really bothers me when I sit down....and especially for long periods. They found nothing and have forwarded me to Orthopedics.

Fast forward to now..... After going to Orthopedic doctor and going thru 3 weeks of therapy doing various hip related exercises and taking ibuprofen for 4 weeks straight. The tailbone pain is still with me.

The therapist mentioned about seeing a chiropractor to get 'straightened out'. I am somewhat worried about seeing a chiropractor due to the syrinx. Afterall.... a previous doctor visit - they decided againest giving me a cortozone shot due to the syrinx. They didn't want to disturb it.....

Should I be concerned about going to a chiropractor with a syrinx? Has anyone done it?

Or could this tailbone pain be related to my chairi & syrinx? I wish they would just perform an MRI on my tailbone ..... but, I'm not the doctor.

I have another appointment with the Orthopedic doctor Dec. 21st - since the therapy didn't work. I'm supposed to bring along my MRI with show him the syrinx/chairi. Again - I'm not sure this could be all related but since it all started about the same time - is that such a bad 'assumption'?

Thanks for any thoughts .....


Hi Emmaline,

The MRI was only the upper spine/neck area particularly the C6/C7 area. You can see multiple areas of fluid buildup on that picture. They were diagnosing 'tingling' in my right finger/thumb.

I think I'm convinced a Chiropractor is not for me. I'm not sure what the Orthopedic will say. I may just make an appointment with my Neurologist and talk to him.

Thanks for the update!!

Tethered Cord sounds.....ugly. ;(

Hi thereā€¦I was fortunate to be treated by the team at the University of Miami, Dr. Barth Greene and Allen Levy. They BOTH had told me I was very lucky I had not gone to a chiropractor, as I too had syrinx and would have been very very bad for me. They are not trained to deal with something so serious and you have a compromised spinal cord and functions. I was again so fortunate that my first and only surgery was done by these two experts on Chiari and I would take their recommendations and advice as pretty good. I hope that helps :slight_smile:

I had to google it... I don't have any obvious signs of a sacral dimple. Or should I say...If there is one, its hiding behind a layer of FAT!! LOL

I'm certainly convinced not to see a chiropractor now..... Aside from back has always been good & healthy.

Just wondering if I should skip the Orthopedic appointment and call the Neurosurgeon and see what he suggests. I'm thinking an MRI of the lower back / buttocks would be nice.... never had one for that area.

Thanks for the info!

Beeba said:

Janster, please don't self diagnose with this very rudimentary test - but do you have a sacral dimple? Than can be a sign of tethered cord. Not really sure if you have tethered cord if you would not have this. Think of a band attached to fabric it will cause one area to pull in. If you have never heard of a sacral dimple - think a small indentation immediately above your butt crack. Sounds a bit indelicate. Lol. If you google it they show pictures that are obviously more dramatic. And I do have this (trust me - nothing like the pictures) I always thought everyone had it. Seen a lot of butts in my day but have never examined any until my daughter. The pediatrician pointed it out. I thought everyone was built that way!! And I have been tested for tethered cord and I do not have it. So you can have the dimple without tc but don't know if you can have tc without the dimple. Your tail bone is a cluster of bones at the end of your spine and they fuse as you grow with this they attach to the cord causing a vacuum effect=chiari. Hope this helps - sorry you know more about me then you cared to.

Just an update....

Saw the Orthopedic Doctor again....and he never suggested a Chiropractor (Thank God). Injected right where the pain is the tailbone above my butt(pardon-hole).
It's been two days and the cortisone is blending in....and I think its helping! Let's hope this pain doesn't come back!

Thanks for the replies and help!! Hope your holidays are special !!