Hi all, haven't seen my neurologist since my
MRI but have spoken to him on the telephone
and recieved letters. Just found out I have a
syrinx from c2 to t8. Is this large? How can I
expect this to affect me? I've been trying to
ignore back pain for some time now, figuring
it's just from sitting poorly at my desk.
Do any if you have a syrinx?
How has it affected you? I'm trying not to
stress until I see my doc in person but I'm
finding it very hard (recovering from an
anxiety disorder and this isn't really helping!)
my head's swimming a bit, being hungover
doesn't help much lol any advice you could
give or even just your
own experience would be appreciated. Katie

Hi katie im caroline i have a syrinx too. The symptoms i have from it are back,neck and arm pain, a tingling sensation running up nd down my spine not all the time thou, i have leg pain and weakness in my legs, i get stiff sometimes too. Im not sure if your syrinx is large but it sounds like it is also please do try not to stress as i find this makes my symptoms worst. It affects me worst on bad days and not so bad on good days also depends on how stronge the symptoms take hold. I hope ive helped some bit if u wanna chat im always here.

hugs caroline