? Thoracic pain?

I’m curious if anyone has gotten severe fairly sudden pain in their thoracic spine when they usually don’t. Just got back from the drs and X-rays and scheduling mris of brain/csp and tsp. I didn’t pull anything or move weird so I’m concerned it might be a syrinx. Can anyone explain the difference between their Chiari neck pain and syrinx pain? This is pretty different in location and type from the pain I usually experience and all between my shoulder blades is on fire as well. Shooting pains when moving my head or arms and my arms went cold and numb trying to drive to the dr. Thanks!!

Thank you for responding! Can I ask how quickly the pain came in for you?

I do not have a syrinx, but I feel sometimes like my spine/shoulders are on fire. When I have a really bad headache, it aches all the way down my spine. I tell my husband it feels like there is poison in my spine: aching, hot, pulsing, nasty feeling that corresponds with my headaches, most of the time. That's just my experience!

I was just wondering what happens with an untreated syrinx. Razzle51 and Sydney you have a syrinx bt I thought surgery is Alyssa indicated or irreversible damage can occur. Just wondering because our title guy has a “pre syrinx” or mild syrinx and he suffers with spine pain almost daily. He’s already had two surgeries and we don’t want to even think about the possibility of a third but the fear that the syrinx could do damage lurks. Thanks!