Burning/hot hands and feet in morning

hi all

im just sick of everday waking, and feeling like ive overheated, my hands and feet burn, takes along time to cool down.

this is frastrating, i hate getting up, i feel crap for quite awhile.

DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS????? or is it my arachnoid cyst, or so called MS?


thankyou, but im ok averall,

6days until i see the NL, hopefully give me some insight to it all,

how are you?

ive been writing it off to menopause hmm maybe not but my face and arms turn red at the oddest times


First of all, I didn't know they were saying that you had MS! Why?? I don't know why your hands and feet are burning, but I would think it was something to do with the nervous system. I'm sorry you feel like crap when you get up. That makes the whole day go bad sometimes. I'm glad to see you on here, hopefully we can give you the love and support that you need.



mary..... maybe not menopause,

i sometimes think im going through menopause, but im only 31, im guessing its a symptom,

carla....when i had an mri done in 08, it showed white matter, (high focus hypertensities) in areas of the brain, the radiologist stated demyelinating diease, but not progressive, after the first arachnoid cyst was removed and saw the NS, she stated that it looks like i have early stages of MS and sent me back to NL, NL stated the same thing, and also said hope we dont see you for a few years go and enjoy life, 8months later i was back in seeing him, he told me there was nothing wrong with me, there is no MS, CHIARI ISNT AN ISSUE, AND THERE ARE NO NEW CYSTS, go on antidepressants and pain relief, all he did was a basic nuero exam, eg follow finger, push here and there, stand with eyes closed, bla bla.

so i went back to my GP, who sent me to the surgeon again, we were trying any avenue to get an MRi done, so the surgeon was happy to see me, and did another MRI, it showed new cyst devoloping, in T5, and the brain still showed white matter on the brain, so we are watching the cyst, and he had sent me back to another NL to dicuss the MS,


i also have all the signs that chiari is changing, and there are also symptoms that are different then people on here, so im proberly unluckly and have more than one thing wrong with me,

there are also theories that, my cysts could be causing MS, and or, chiari and MS can be related.

this has been a trying time for me. i havent been able to find a NL or NS who can give me answers.

also the NL who told me there was nothing wrong, needs to be fired, he was out of line and should of double checked me by doing an MRI, im soooo angry at him, i refuse to work with him now. so im seeing a new one on monday(tuesday your time)

has anyone heard of her, she came from NY "ALISON KING"?


I have not heard of Dr. King either. I'm not from New York though. So you have been to the doctor by now and we are anxiously awaiting your results. I hope and pray that this doctor is able to help you, Jolene. I feel confident that she will until I hear otherwise from you! Love you girl!



Sorry that you are feeling so crappy..I hope this new Doctor gives you some much needed answers.....please know we are here for you!!!



thankyou everyone

i will keep you posted, i go mon, which i think is sunday for you, its saturday for me, so it should be friday for you today.

ohhh how confusing

I get this, it’s because of my Raynauds Syndrome