Anyone get splotches? Or white fingertips?

I had this when I saw my doctor and keep having it on my chest and neck not itchy just red splotches that go away during the day.

I also will have white fingertips and toes that also get numb and tingly when I am cold or go from cold to warm.
My doc thought months ago lupus or Raynaud’s but bloodwork came back fine.
Could this be related to chiari too? Not sure how to add a picture to a thread.

My daughter gets the red splotches. She calls these her "hot flashes", we have always related them to her POTS. They make her quite uncomfortable. not itchy, she just initially gets very warm. She will cool off before the redness goes away.

I get red and splotchy all the time. Mostly on my chest and neck. I also turn bright red in the face at the slightest exertion. I feel fine but look like I'm about to have stroke. I think it's because I'm ridiculously pale. Not sure.

Thanks, I will check the EDS, I think I have read about it before but don't remember.

I have the fingers and toes thing, I dont know if they did any blood work to confirm or deny it, but I was diagnosed with raynauds as a child, but experience the same as what you are experiencing, and always get comments on how bright red my face gets when excersizing, and everyone thinks I am going to explode or something, but I think thats just the way I am? My hands get very swollen with excersize? I dont know though....

I have the hot spots. We thought it was because we switched laundry detergent, but I don't think it changed when we switched to an allergen free detergent. I get them on my arms and chest - big, bright red, hot to the touch spots that show up and go away randomly. My doctor has no idea what they are. Neither do I!

Alexa would break out in hives after a shower (itchy red blotches) all over her chest and back. We would also see this during exercise or really hot weather. Interestingly, the hives have disappeared about 7 months after her decompression surgery.