Another surgery for my daughter :-(

ok so my daughter is 3 years old and had decompression surgery back in she has a huge fluid build up on the back of her head...first her ns just kept saying that her body would eventually absorb it but we went for her 6 month post op mri and now she says that her 3rd ventricle has fluid build up but its not getting bigger which has her puzzled...she is not sure what is causing it because the fluid on the back of her head is pressing on everything making it hard to see so we have surgery scheduled for friday...she is gunna drain the fluid and see whats going on in there and hopefully there is some sort of obstruction (scar tissue) but if not then we will have to have a shunt put in...but my ? is she dosent seem to be worried about the fluid on the back of her head just the fluid in her 3rd ventricle i dont understand this and does anybody have a shunt that could give me some insight and has anybody had this happen to them??? Thanks for listening and for any help u can give me in understanding more!!

I’m so sorry that your daughter has to go through another surgery:( I can only imagine what your family is going through right now. I really hope they are able to alleviate most of her symptoms. I don’t have personal experience with shunts, so I hope someone will chime in with more info for you. Please add your daughters surgery to our events, so we can all share our thoughts and prayers.