An idea to help with neck pain

I like to sew and I found this tutorial for a unique neck pillow that’s ergonomic and hugs me just perfect. It really does help with some of my head and neck pain while I’m sitting up. Thought I’d share in case anyone else wanted to make one too.

Thanks!!! I like to sew TOO!!! how cool is that!! Only when I am feeling well though. hahahah which those days are falling few are far between now a days… I usually make ALL the my girls’s dresses that way I can make them to a length I am comfortable with! teeheehee

I think I am gonna make one of theses especially before my trip to WI… It’s gonna take us about 10hrs to get there… :frowning: but we cant afford to fly so road trip it is!!!

Thanks again!

No problem! I really like mine. My friend was hit by a drunk driver a few months ago and got severe whip lash and she made one and loves hers too. I think they are quite unique in their shape. Let me know how you like it!

I'm fairly new to sewing, only about 2 years but I do LOVE it when I'm feeling good too. It's a great distraction. I made all of my baby girls bedding for her toddler bed and curtians to match. It's super fun. We're working on tutu's for the older girls for halloween.

I love that you sew too!! I was hoping others on here could use this tutorial too. It's really quite helpful.


I need to find someone who can sew. I can’t but would love to have one.