Hi There, Just wondering if anyone has tried Amitriptyline at all. I have just been to my GP and he has put me back on Amitriptyline. He said it could be a long term this. What are you thoughts and did it help you at all. I am on 10mg.

I tried that a long time ago & didn't last very long due to side effects.

Made me very sleepy and feel kinda loopy

I am on amitriptyline and have taken it for 2 yrs. it has worked pretty well for me.It is a older drug there has been no side effects.

I am on it now 150mg. works ok for mr only side effect thast I notice is that carbonated drinks taste flat and metallic.

Thank you for all the replies. It sounds like I maybe on this for a period of time as my doctor can only give a script out for a month at a time and he has given me 3 months worth but at the end of each month i need to collect the next months doses from the chemist. I hope it works. I am also going to the osteopath as I am willing to try anything at all to get rid of the symtoms.

So heres hoping.......

I also have a neurologist appointment on tuesday the 20th August so yeah it will be interesting

My neurologist prescribed it to help me sleep but all it did was make me hungry! I stopped taking it after 3 weeks. I was big to begin with and have lost 75 lbs due to chiari and refuse to gain the weight back. Everyone is different. Won’t hurt to try.