Amitriptyline side effects?

My 14 year old son was on amitriptyline for 5 days and said it made him feel like he was going crazy. He’s been off of it for 5 days and is still experiencing the horrible side effects. The last few days he’s been hallucinating and feels like he’s possessed (today he couldn’t stop screaming as he heard footsteps of someone coming after him). Prior to this he’s had no issues like this ever. Up until his decompression 3 mos ago he was an honor student and varsity basketball player. Any idea how long it takes to get this fully out of his system?

Call someone, and NOT the doctor who prescribedit IMMEDIATLY. Amy should almost never be givinn to a teen. His reaction is why. This is a serious situation if in fact not an emergencey.

I have no idea who to call? Please tell me these side effects eventually go away? I wanted to take him to the ER earlier but figured there was nothing they could do.

They do go away, but but will go away much faster and safer with help. The ER is not a bad choice. They will have a psychopharmacologist on call. I can't imagine how scared your son (and you) must be. There is help. I don't want to scare you but please seek help. Your boy needs some relief too.

I agree. ER's should have a mental health agency in contract or on site. If he's lucid when he goes, stand firm and explain in detail his hallucinations and delusions. While he may not be suicidal, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline to get information on a local mental health or psychiatric treatment center. Hallucinations and delusions can be incredibly dangerous especially if he's not supervised closely 24/7. The ER or Hospital can aide by flushing his system and helping rid his body from it. Also I WOULD call the prescribing physician to let them know he's had incredibly adverse reaction to the medication so that it can be added to his chart and medications in the same class can be avoided in the future. Hope this helps and he's back to his normal self soon! XOXO

Hi Tracy, I just wanted to check in and see how your son is doing? Hugs.