Amitriptyline work for anyone?

I was prescriped Amitriptyline for my pain in feet and hands, to help me sleep, and for headaches. It has really seemed to help. Has anyone else had success with this drug? I have a 10mm herniation that was just diagnosed in May. They are just going to try to treat my symptoms, surgery has not been talked about at all. Hopefully, this med. with help and I wont have to have surgery!!

I have been on Amitriptyline for several years. Yes it does help, I sleep a

lot better than before. It puts you into a deeper sleep faster, which helps your muscles to relax, and you wake up more refreshed

I take Amitriptyline 75 mg. Every Night. I works wonders. It does make you sleepy, but helps with any nerve pain. If I don't take it I have migraines every day !!

I’ve been on it for a few months, also at night and I think it definitely helps.

Unfortunately for me I had a lot of side effects on that drug. We've been treating my "fibromyalgia" for years (I think now that it was undiagnosed chiari). I've been through a LOT of med changes! That was a bad one for me and Nucynta made me uncomfortable, and at one point I even sort-of hallucinated! (We were watching a program about the Loch Ness Monster and they did a computer animation of what Nessie *could* look like... I jumped a mile and yelled, "There he is! Tell those guys to get their nets!" lol)

I'm glad you found something that worked for you! Good luck with your journey!

Katrina W.

I take Amitriptylin 50mg and it helps me sleep great. It however doesn't do squat diddly for pain. I have now been put on Lyrica 2x a day for the pain. I get a lot of electrical pain - like zaps throughout my body. I was on Gabapentin for about 7 months and it did help in the beginning but then slowly my symptoms were getting stronger. The Lyrica seems to help so far. When the pain gets really bad, I have to then go to the Vicodin. I have just started Holistic Therapy for pain management. I can't say its working yet. I have tried so many things to help, but slowly they stop working or my symptoms just get stronger. I have been sidestepping surgery too, but I'm not sure how much longer I can.