Am I the only one who has serious motor control issues?

I haven't been able to open anything today. I'm having trouble opening pill bottles, my bread?! and even turning door knobs.... I'm not having a good time trying to type either but I'm doing it anyway!

This issue isn't daily but it does happen a few times a month... I live alone and don't have anyone to help me open stuff... any suggestions on how to make my life easier?

Thanks :)

I can’t open jars any longer…try a rubber gripper

ooooh I will have to give that a try!! Thanks!

I have problems with jars too. Not as bad as yours is sounding. But sometimes I notice a weakness in my hands and arms that shouldn’t be there. I hope you have lots more good days!

NieNie0326 said:

ooooh I will have to give that a try!! Thanks!


I too have trouble at times opening smaller med bottles..I usually put a small towel over the cap...and that usually helps.

Since you live alone, it has to be so hard when you literally 'need a hand'.

Hope you are having a good day.