What helps on days that you are really bad?

Hi all i just wanted to start a talk about this issue.

ive been really unwell that last couple of days.

I wasnt even able to walk straight yesterday, i was also weak, dizzy,vision problems and really grumpy.

there wasnt anything i thought i could try to make myself feel better, So i didnt do anything but push myself more.

Is there any suggestions that might be able to help?

Hi Joelene:

Sorry that things have been so rough lately.

I wish I could give you some words of wisdom ...but I cannot!!...I am having a rough spell with my balance which is about ready to put me over the edge!!

I have tried getting little things done and that has helped my mood a bit...

Hope you are having a better day today.


Did you lay down for awhile? Maybe try laying down with a cold compress over your forehead/eyes and an icepack or another cold compress around your neck.

As far as the dizziness goes...Anytime I get dizzy I have to sit in whatever position I'm in for a few until it starts to go away. Sometimes I can close my eyes that helps a little, but sometimes it makes it worse.

Hi Alicia,

That is great advice....forgot about that Joelene, sorry!!! Ice does help me sometimes...

How are ya feeling Alicia???

thats ok lori, sometimes we are able to help and other times we cant,

its a weirld feeling that ya get with it, it felt like my body was buzzing all over,

but OMG the pressure in the head is horrible, it even puts my breathing out.

im abit better, but no fantasic, it can take weeks to feel more well



I had that buzzing once. It was only in my right foot. It felt like there was a cell phone on vibrate in my shoe! My neurologist told me to go to the ER because she thought I was having a seizure. It turned out that I wasn't having a seizure and they never could tell me what it was. It was very weird though. I had it happen in my right arm one time, too. It didn't last long, but was strange.


i agree it been hard on everyone,

yes rest will be good, im getting a reading done from a physic tomorrow, she was recommended, so i thought i try it, and see what she says,

rest well my rests

love you all


Oh my goodness, I had that vibrating feeling in my feet once when I was waiting at my Doctor's office for a Blood pressure check. I had no idea what it was and was afraid to even mention it, I was afraid she would think I was crazy, lol. Not long after that is when I got my Chiari diagnosis. I am so glad each of you are here to discuss this stuff, it makes me feel normal.....thanks!

you are normal misallen, and not crazy, lol

i use to think myself crazy until i had mris done,

well had physic, her back hurt as soon as she walked onto my property, she couldnt stop wriggling with the pain, she knew then that i had a back issue, lol

what i think its the most interesting thing she said was, her head kept being tipped back, they keep pushing her head back, and on the back of my brain she was getting drip drip, she didnt know what that meant, but also said i have limited time (6months) and by the time the specialists figure it out if would be too late, my mmemory would be gone and never to be returned, could stress enough on the small time frame, its important to do something now, or i will never be well, she reccommended a naturalpath,

i saw him yesterday, he picked up autoimmune, and put me on a cocktail of herbal drugs, 30 tablets in total a day, as a start and slowly reduce it down,

i believe in spirits and spiritual stuff, thats was my up bringing, she told me that god isnt finished with me yet and need to get well so i can do what she does, (ive always been able to hear them speak to me when im around people)

so i wasnt surprised at that.

naturalpaths scare me, but i have nothing to lose so decided to try it, i took my first dose lastnight, and an hr later i was really bad, i could walk straight and see straight it was strange, so i researched on the drugs he gave me, and didnt like to of them, so i refuse to take them, but there was one drug that i loved reading about it, and it might help others on here, its called GRAVIOLA, its a chinese herb,

anyway just interesting to try something new, the docs arent helping, i want to feel better.