Mind Tricks

Ok, I know that my mind does not always work well but I think that I am now losing my mind. Last night I walked into my room 3 times and closed my blinds. I know that I closed them all 3 times and the first two times they were back open. I would swear on my kids that I closed those things.

Then this morning after taking my kids too school, I was driving home and what I would have sworn was a black long limo pulled out of a street and was coming towards me. I know that I thought it was that as I thought to myself how odd it was to see a limo out here in the morning. It passed me and was a small 4 door black car.

Am I going crazy or does anyone else have these mind games?


Great topic..thanks for bringing it up. I too, do things, like switch the laundry and then go back to fold it ..only to find out I never turned the dryer on...I could have sworn I turned that thing on!!!

My memory is shot as well...I cannot remember who I told what to...so, I oft times tell the same thing to the same person again and again!!

Personally, I think stress plays a huge roll in this stuff, for me , anyway.


Oh my word! I do silly things a lot and feel like I am losing my mind. My memory is terrible. It was at its worst right after surgery. I am almost 5 months post op and still have trouble. Sometimes I feel like I am just plain stupid. I said something dumb the other day in front of a friend and then felt like I could cry. Most of them understand, but it makes me feel bad. Hope you are having a better day!