Memory loss?

Has anyone experience memory loss and to what degree have you experienced it? I'm losing words, things I may or may not have done, things that are to be done etc. I don't know if this is actual memory loss or if I'm just SO stressed about all of this that my mind is too full and I just can't keep track of things. I have been the most organized person I know and now I'm forgetting stuff all the time. I am not liking this at all!!



yup Kellie its called Chiari-izm- LOL--- seriously i think every single one of us with chiari have memory issues, i've resorted to having to write every important thing down and every super important thing writen down AND tell my husband!. or letting whoever it is who is telling me its an important date to remind me when it gets closer, I even had to set my cell phone reminder timer to remind me to take medication....

so welcome to chiari-izm ;) LOL


yep memory comes and and goes quite often. I was visiting relatives when it happened and they wanted to get me tested for dementia. but on a serious note do what it takes to remember, write it down, tell someone, program you phone, etc. There are time I can't even remember things I knew for most of my life or very important dates, like the birthday of my kids.

Hope all is well with you, how did your testing go?


I would forget my head if it wasn't attached. I've lost my keys and purse more times than I can count. I also lose words often or say the wrong word in a sentence and have to be corrected. That part gets a little embarrassing.

Thanks Lisa, Michael & Brandy. I like the term 'Chiari-izm'...going to have to use that from now on Lol. Saying the wrong words, when you know what you're really trying to say is the worst. I do that constantly.

Michael, I'm still waiting to hear from JH about (hopefully) getting an appt. I have the referral, I've called & left a message and my MRI, Ct Scans & other reports have been sent down. Keeping fingers crossed that I get in soon.


If they don't get back to you by phone, try using their online appointment request. It worked good for me. BTW I was at my PCP yesterday and suprised , oh suprised when he said his office had trouble sending the records to JH. COuldn't believe it, but then again I like my PCP cause he admits he human and makes mistakes like anyone else.


Yup..add me along with the rest of the gang as far as memory goes....I am far from old..yet no spring chick...50....this is really getting to me ..the memory thing...Saw my Primary the day b4 yesterday and I told her...she told me to be sure to take a multi well...ffluids...

When your skinny that is always the answer....when your overweight is b/c your fat..loose some wt.!!!!!! But seriously....there is a point here as far as being well balanced in everything...and I have never been a balanced type gal...either eat the entire bag of chips or have none.....I am trying to change!!!!

Part of knows that the Chiari is one of the main causes for my memory issues ..which is so ahrd somethings for me to admit to myself..sounfs weird , I know.



Hi Kellie:)

My memory has also been affected by Chiari. I use to have an almost photographic memory…not anymore! I never had to study for tests when I was in school. My boss use to critisize my co-workers for not being able to remember details like I did. Now…I forget all kinds of things. I’m only 32, so there is no way that this is due to old age. I have forgotten having conversations with people. I forgot the name of one of my co-workers! I’ve worked with Heather for almost 2 years and I just sat there for about 5 minutes trying to remember her name! Seriously?! That is NOT normal! I’m the post-it note queen at work. If I don’t write stuff down, I will more than likely forget. I feel your pain…I hate having such a bad memory. You are definitely not alone in this.


I wouldn't wish any of this on anyone, but it's nice to know it's not just me ;) I'm going to try to become very diligent with using my phone calendar, maybe put a calendar or dry erase board in my room. And carry a little notepad with me all the time. I too used to be able to remember every little thing, detail etc. Now it's just a new normal that I'll have to get used to.

Thanks for the tip, Michael. I didn't hear back today so I'll try the appt request option tomorrow afternoon if I don't hear back by then.


I am right there too. I am actually seeing a nueropsychologiest for my memory loss. He said he has seen several chiarians for the same thing. It gets frustrating, but we are not alone!

I am there too! My husband asks me if I remember something that happened awhile ago (significant things) and for the life of me I cannot remember them! We saw an old friend (last week) that we bowled with a few years back and I couldn't even remember his name even though I seen him at least once a week for a year, at least I recognized that I knew him I guess! I have no idea why this happens...but it is frustrating.

Is the neuropsychologist helping?

And I do the same thing to my husband as well. I have to ask him constantly to remind me what we did and sometimes it just doesn't click. Wonder if starting an actual written diary would help at all.

journaling is awesome!!.and a good way for you to remember what is happening to,fam etc--i keep 2 actually a medical and personal..writing helps the mind!

I looked up "forgetting words" because it's getting worse. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who forgets peoples names. I have a co-worker that I've worked with for almost 4 years. Last week someone asked me a question about him and I could vividly see his face, but was at a loss for his name. I went on break and sat outside for 5 minutes trying to negotiate in my mind - what his name was. I finally came up with bob or bobby, but I knew it wasn't right. Then I figured it was the nickname for my brother Robert and hey - 5 minutes later I had his name - Robert! It was exhausting. This of course was after the incident. I think I replied, check with the guy in IT. There are 5 guys in IT. :) A few days later it happened again with a conversation about an incident where my daughter was friends with someone for over 10 years. I could not remember her name. It's very frustrating. This girl spent nights at my house and I made breakfast for her and to lose her name was hard. I feel one of these days someone is going to ask and expect an answer I don't have and how will I handle it?

I loose words all the time. When I have abnormal migraines I can't even talk....I can speak, but it doesn't make sense. I talk nonsense...I know what I want to say, but my brain doesn't allow me to say them. I really hope you never experience this. the first time it happened I thought I was having a stroke. Please keep us updated on how you are doing.

Tracy Z.


What kind of testing did the neuropsychologist do? I was scheduled for an appt but canceled b/c it was just too long of a session. Two 4+ hour days. Have they given you any info that would be of help to you?

AzAngel said:

I am right there too. I am actually seeing a nueropsychologiest for my memory loss. He said he has seen several chiarians for the same thing. It gets frustrating, but we are not alone!

i get the memory loss at times too. sometimes i don't like to go anywhere by myself cause i'm afaird of getting lost. and forget where i'm at. i forget the names of my meds at times, and have to write down all dr appt.

I lose words all the time, kind of what brought me to the doctor in the first place. I use to train new employees and I would totally lose what I needed to say. Words that I have had to use 100's of times each day, were in my head, but I couldn't get them out of my mouth. I set things down, can't remember where. I save files in the computer and for some reason I didn't label them they way that they should have. Making it a pain trying to retrieve them.

I type things that I totally have no idea where they came from it wasn't what I was thinking about. My cell phone has to have appointments listed or I will forget them.

You are NOT alone in the damn memory problems.

Hello Kellie I just got finished typing that question to the IM chat but didn't get an answer. Yes I have been having memory problems too. I will put something somewhere and then search for it franticaly and have everyone else looking too but not finding it till the next day or even longer sometimes. But when they tell me where they found it I then remember putting it there. Also my short term memory is really bad. It really scares me silly. All of this scares me. I hope I answered your questions well enough and if you have any stories please share as well. Nicole

Mrsitalian- Hey…I responded to your IM…LOL:) I actually told you to check out this discussion, so I’m glad you found it. I had major memory issues at work on Saturday. I had a horrible headache and I was supposed to train another dentist’s wife on how to run the front office. Yeah…that was a joke! I’m sure she thinks I’m a complete moron. I kept saying the wrong words or couldn’t think of what I was trying to say. It was a rough day:(