Almost 6mo post op and my scar is oozing?

I was feeling it yesterday and it felt like it was protruding out just below the base of my skull. I start rubbing it and it starting oozing clear fluid. I then squeezed it and more of the clear fluid and blood started coming out. Has anyone else had that happen? I am wondering if it might be just a boil like thing going on, but I have no clue. Should I be worried? I've never had that happen anywhere else on my body before. There is no puss or oder, so I know it is not infection. I am wondering where it is at me hairline and I use products on my hair if it could be a reaction to that?

Any other guesses?

I would also check with your NS. I had some oozing where the staples were and a little infection, but it easily cleared up with wound care & antibiotics.

After my surgery and after my incision was healed I had little fluid filled blisters for a long time. It was where my hair was growing out of the scar. I would put my hand up to feel it because it was bothering me and my fingers would come away wet. I never had any blood though. It continued for quite awhile. I asked my surgeon about it and he said it was normal iritation from the hair coming through the scar tissue. I would definitely check with your doctor.

I called my doc and he said as long as there is no oder or puss that it is normal. The blister went almost completely away after I squeezed all the fluid out. I bet it is where hair is growing out. I never even thought about that. Thanks ladies.