Abnormal EKG

I was sitting in the ER today waiting to be seen because today at work I just about passed out again. I have a very sharp pain behind my left shoulder blade and got really dizzy and nauseated. Sent me to the ER they did a EKG and came back with abnormal inverted T waves. He said I had the same on my EKG last year. I had my decompression surgery last August. Going to get a stress test done tomorrow. Just worried. Has anyone experienced this before?


Many people that have Chiari also have POTS. You should ask them about it. There are members that could tell you more about it than I can but you should mention it tomorrow.


I have POTS and on an EKG is shown by a prolonged QT rate. An inverted T wave is an indicator for any CNS disorder. So it makes perfect sense for you to show that on your EKG. Mine shows it too, which caused mucho confusion when i was just a cards pt before i had my MRI and got the chiari dx.
So it isn’t really something that i would be too worried about-but calling your primary wouldn’t hurt. They can always refer you to cards if they think its showing to indicate for something else that inverted T waves indicate for.
Let us know how the stress test goes!