2 weeks post op and having memory issues...is this normal?

I am two weeks post op and feeling pretty good. I am not on as many medications because the pain etc. is not too bad. My biggest issue is memory loss and still having a lot of problems with sensory overload. I end up with awful headaches when there is too much going on at once. I think I have been pushing it a little though. I get really tired still, which I expect is normal. Anyone with the same memory loss issues?



I think memory issues is normal at 2 weeks post-op. You are not that far from surgery and your body is still adjusting to the new room in your head. Hang in there! I was told I could have good and bad days during the year following surgery. Try to listen to you body and adjust your activity level to not get to a sensory overload place.



Hey you!!!!

Memory issues are natural in my opinion...since you really are still considered a 'fresh post-op'...You must keep in mind, just like Diana said..you body is still adjusting....

Be kind to yourself and take time to rest and heal...you have just been through a major operation.

I know this is a very busy time of year...with Christmas in 6 days ....don't put any pressure on yourself during this season...The media ,stores ect...puts all kinds of false stuff in our heads....like 'things '..decorations, big fancy Christmas dinners are what is important...It is so easy to fall into the TRAP!!!

This is a time to celebrate!!!! Merry Christmas and listen to your body!!!!