1st day in ICU

It completely blows my mind at how good my daughter is doing right now. She had surgery around 8:30am, had a rough afternoon and is now walking to the bathroom now. She wants her phone to text and check her facebook but I say negative. Lol She needs to rest today. I’m so happy and relieved. I know the soreness will probably set in tomorrow but I don’t think she’ll let it hold her down. Morphine works wonders.

Great news! Come on, mom, I was texting and face booking from ICU.
Hope her recovery continues to go smoothly!


Oh, Tonya, I am SO happy for you and your daughter!!!! That is great news!!!!! I have no doubt she will continue to do great!! Keep us updated on her progress! Sending lots of thoughts, prayers, and hugs your way!

God Bless,