14 Days Post-Op.. New Symptoms!?

I thought my pain would never end after the surgery. I will be 8 weeks post op on Monday, July 4th and I can say there is a WORLD of difference now. I thought the headaches would never stop and the pain would never get better too. But when they do surgery on our brain/skull/spinal area there is much that has to "reset" for lack of better words. I saw a huge difference in pain level and ability to do "normal" things after starting physical therapy too. My legs were stronger and my neck didnt hurt near as bad. They also gave me a cold pack for headaches. They said if you feel a headache coming on to put the cold pack on it and it can stop the headache or minimize it. Also if you are taking steroids for the swelling, I was on dexamethason and others I know are on prednizone, they will make you feel crazy too. I would have panic attacks for no reason while just sitting watching tv. I wasnt upset but had raging feelings in me and I was terrified for no reason. I thought I was loosing it but it was the meds. Anyways, hang in there and I hope you start feeling good soon. It's a long process but there is hope at the end of it all.

Hi Jen2011, Yeah I understand everything you just said! Yeah I was doing ok for the last 2 days, but then last night I was putting my shirt on and I heard 2 pops and a tear!! =( Now I am in MORE pain and Swelling bad!! I don’t know what has happened!! I went to the Primary Doc and man I was mad leaving there!! Waste of my time!! He did nothing, I couldn’t believe it… It’s amazing to me after having this diagnoses how Doctor’s all of a sudden want nothing to do with you or think your crazy!! Well, Thanks for Talking with me… I’m doing all I can to hang in there… just can’t seem to get a break!!

one thing i learned though all of this is we have to be our own advocates and i am so greatful to have such a loving and persistant husband because had he not been as persistant as he was i'd hate to think of what my life would be like now!

glad things are working out ...Slow movements...

ice might ease the tear and the pop not exactly where it came from but it may help

I dont see my primary doctor anymore for anything except for regular things and bp meds he would make me so angry with him it was unbelieveable and one day i asked what did they teach him in doctors school how to say i dont know and send a bill to insurance companies for 285$ he sure didnt like that commemt...oh well thats how i felt... but anyway

these may be helpful to you in relaxing..



ive just been reading this and catching up,

im 11days post op, and soooo sorry you had these problems, ive been luckly i havent had many problem, and only neck and right side of head pain for acouple of days,

im very please you went to the doctor, and pushed for pain relief,

how are you feeling now?


Hi Joelene… I’m ok… Just some set backs… Nothing seems to be working and no doctors seem to want to help or even talk about what’s going on because of the diagnosis and the surgery I had… so looking for new doctors and trying that now… just so frustrating when you have no where to go!! Thanks for writing =) Hope your doing ok…

hi mommyof3.

docs are crap, sorry to put that mildly, dont give up hope, find the people that will help you,

get on ph and ring for nueros im unsure if you can get alist i your area or wether you have insurance that helps with that.

we are here for you, anyway we can,

im doing ok, im more concerned on how you are doing

Thanks Joelene… Sorry to ask but do you mean by a “ph and ring for nueros? sorry never heard that before? I do have insurance… but its though the state so my docs really don’t care and are so far apart and very few… my first neurologist I went to, he was going over my history and I had a surgery for cancer and because he never heard for that type of surgery he starting laughing and said “what is that a women thing?” I said " NO! That was to remove my Cancer!” I was so upset! And he was still laughing and smiling… yeah… never went back there! I have never been so disgusted as I have been since going though all of this! I just want to scream! What happen to the doctor’s who cared and want to figure out what’s wrong with people?? They took that oath… Does it not mean anything anymore?? Sorry… I am venting… Just takes forever to start over with a new doc… but I am trying not to give up… Thanks for caring =) Means a lot!! Hope you are doing ok too… Sending Prays your way =) HUGS!!


yes ring NL off the ph book or search on line, you might have to pay for it if your insurance doesnt cover it,

maybe its time you looked away from home area,

that is crap how the docs treat you, you have had nothing but problems and im sooo sorry for that, that is not the way its meant to be, you should be able to trust your docs, but some are only in it for the money not helping people,

knowledge is power, power gives you strength, empower yourself,