I have a few questions that I am hoping someone can answer.

1. Has anyone else experienced pain that feels like your skull and spine are on fire?

2. How long were you in the hospital after decompression surgery?

3. How long after surgery were you home resting before you could go back to work?

I see the surgeon on the 30th. I am so ready.

My spine always felt like that and as if I would break in half. I am 7 weeks post op and I spent one day in ICU and four days on the floor. Even being seven weeks out I stil would not be able to work. Just a couple hrs of light house work puts me down for 2 days but my headaches spine arm and shoulder pain at 100% gone!!!

I have terrible burning and pain in my neck area thats cause by the syrinx. I had a one night stay icu and four days in a room. Im a little over 3 months post op and still not back at work because Im still battling vertigo.

Post surgery serious pain was gone within a couple of weeks, and gradually came off pregablin and pain meds, within a month. Fatigue and vertigo subsided over 3-4 months started phased return to light duties at work at 4 months, full duties at 6 months.

I was in hospital 10days post op. They were cautious because I live a car and ferry journey away from hospital. If I lived near I could have gone at 5-7 days.

Hello, I'm almost 4 weeks post opt I was in the hospital 4 days, I'm trying to go back to week this week but my employer wont let me. I think what you do for a living matters because of the limits after. I'm still hurting my with the muscle relaxers it helps. Also before decompression it felt like a dump truck was perched on my head. Good luck!