Shaking and pressure post op

I am almost weeks post op and Im not sure how to describe this but I feel pressure almost like my brain is too big for my head type pressure and my hands are shaking like crazy! Anyone else experience this?

Hi Rebecca, I also had shaky hands after the surgery. I called the neurosurgeon's office and was told that it was ok to experience such symptoms in the first month post op. The symptoms did go away eventually. As far as I remember, I had pressure in the back of my head as well. It does get better with time.

Its been 4 months since the surgery. I still have muscle tension in the neck, especially in the mornings. I was prescribed to massage neck muscles...haven't tried it yet...

I hope it helps a little bit. Wishing you a very smooth recovery!

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Yes, post op I felt just like that but had meningitis and an infection in the wound so get checked out, I still have tremors 20 years on

I too developed Asepectic Menegitus, but didn’t have shaky hands. I did have severe pressure from the inflammation of the menagies. This was 2-3 weeks post op.

Ow wow! Thank you all for your replies! I will definitely call about the pressure Just to make sure!

Yes, I experienced both symptoms for about 3 weeks post op. The feeling that your brain is too big is swelling. And I’m not sure why our hands shake. My hands still shake and I feel some pressure in the back of my head and my surgery was Dec 5 th. My surgeon has ordered another MRI, yay! All we can do is keep moving ahead and cocontinue praying for healing. Just know you are not alone.

I had similar symptoms for a while post-op. My shaking was so bad that my doctors thought for a while it could be small seizures. They ended up putting me on some light seizure medication that helped a great deal. However, I believe what really helped was the healing process. It slowly got better as I healed form the surgery. I know that's probably not what you want to hear but continue to get rest, try to relax your muscles any way you can, take good care of yourself and speak to your doctors about this. But most of all know that others have experienced this too. It will get better!

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