Wobbly Legs/Gait problems?


Here's my deal ....i have always had gait imbalance problems before Chiari surgery..since operation in 8/08 it had gotten better, not perfect, but better.

For I guess, the last mth or so my legs feel like they won't hold me up..wobbly, i cannot walk a straight line.....I walk like a drunkard....it is so embarrassing...plus alarming to me..since it has gotten

progressively worse over the past mth or 2.

any one have this happen to them????? advice, anyone????

God Bless,



you are

right...i need to find a NL..been putting that off b/c of many bad experiences w/NL....however, I took my 11yr old Julia to a NL for h/a's and she has a follow-up next week..i should call his office and see if he can see me after Julia!





Saw a new doctor yestserday..he is a Physistrist.....deals with a chronic pain issues..i went to him for my arm/hand....he Dx's it as RSD...Reflex Sympathic Dystrophy....anyway , that is going to be Tx's w/prednisone and later PT...

But let me get back on topic...Wobbly legs/gait......He also addressed that to some extent...he wants me to eat a better diet w/more protein and once this arm is feeling better , start walking....build muscle...the left side is very weak....He called me himself today..i was impressed!! to go over meds and then spoke w/hubby about the med schedule and side effects...in case I forget...Then the doc call back and told me he called in something for my stomach b/c prednisone can case belly issues...it was then he brought up again.about the legs.."don't worry, we'll get to the legs too!!!"..what a nice doctor...so let you know how it goes.

love ya's,