Hey everyone. So a cou

Ple of weeks ago I had a cine MRI that showed I had a 3 mm drop, reduced anterior space for csf flow, and an acutely kinked cervical spine. Overall though, this wasn’t concerning because I still HAVE flow and my spine isn’t interfering with anything. Meanwhile back at the ranch, I had an ablation on my heart 2 days ago to address an arrhythmia. I’m feeling pretty you key as my POTS symptoms are kicked up, but I’ve had no symptoms of the very scary arrhythmia I had been experiencing(hr in the 180’s). Anyone else here have an ablation and have any any input on how they felt after? I’m hoping my heart rate is just a temporary reflection of having been messed with.

I have had multiple ablations treatments and also have POTS. Mine HR jumps to the 230's. It was worse after the ablation but just for a few days. If you don't feel better soon please call your doctor. Are you on any medications for POTS? Does your normal BP run high or low?

Tracy Z.

Hi Tracy! I’m on metropolol 25mg per day, very low dose. My resting hr is staying around 90/95 and has gotten up to about 110 just laying down. Yesterday I took a shower and got out and it was 158. I called the doctor and his nurse and she said he wanted me to double my metropolol for the day, which didn’t do anything. Today was the same, but I only took one metropolol. I was also able to be up and around a little without getting over about 110, save for brushing my teeth which got it up to 120. I’m nervous because I’m scheduled back to work Monday with lots of standing all day and I guess I figured I’d feel better by today. My blood pressure is usually low, but I haven’t been monitoring that really, just my hr.

Also, the arrhythmia was deemed to be in the right atrium: atrial tachycardia. He ablated very lightly because the part of the heart that he needed to ablate was up against my phrenic nerve, which is delicate business. He felt confident we got it because he couldn’t induce my heart to have the arrhythmia after the ablation, but somehow I just feel crazy nervous at how I feel.