What to expect?!

After 7 months and 8 doctors later I have finally received a diagnosis. I have 10mm chiari and not sure what else. I am scheduled to have decompression on April 16. Not really sure what to expect can anyone help me. What should I do to prepare my house and my husband and kid?

I had decompression surgery June 4th last year. I still have symptoms but have no regrets about surgery. I have learned how to listen to my body and slow down and we have actually gotten closer as a family. My church was helpful too and neighbors brought us meals the first week. My mother in law is also a huge support system she calls everyday to see how I am doing. Just let your family know that they may need to help you a little more. i had to borrow a foldable chair from my neighbor lol for the bathroom so I could sit and get dressed. Don't rush yourself.

Hi Tanya, I’m 6 weeks post op. my advice to prepare…clean your house well so when you arrive home it feels good. Prepare your husband that you won’t be cleaning the house for quite some time post op (this is something I just had to recently go over this with my hubby- god bless him), your kiddo needs to have the expectation that your not going to be able to do much either, maybe suggest that he’ll need to turn to dad first so you can rest. I have been able to do all of my own self care since leaving the hospital, although some people have said they needed a bath chair for the shower. My best advice is to try to relaxe into your recovery. I wasn’t relaxed because I was worried about going back to work at the 4 week mark. Keep In Mind that If your not ready for work or cleaning or whatever it is you think you should be ready for at certain point in time, it’s ok to take more time. Everyone told me to take my time with recovery but I didn’t really understand what they meant until I realized I was having major anxiety. My pain has been between a 2 and 6 with a few spikes up to a 10, but getting lower and lower after the 5 week mark. Everybody has different pain and post op symptoms. Stock up on groceries and lots of high fiber food. consider taking stool softener starting a few days before surgery. That’s all I can think of just off the cuff. Best of luck on your surgery! Please let us know how your doing and if you have anymore Qs.