Surgery tips...upcoming decompression

I have a decompression surgery coming up 5/26 . Getting real anxious, and would like to prep as much as possible.

For people who have had the surgery, is there anything you would suggest I bring to the hospital for extra comfort or recovery? Is there anything I can do at home within the next week to have a better recovery, or something you wished you had done or set-up at home before getting home from the hospital ? Anything that might help to prep in advance ? Not sure what it would be, but just thought I would get some advice.

For some background info, I am a female in mid-twenties, moved home for the summer to get family's help in recovery from this procedure (Would otherwise be living alone).


Hi my 20 year old son had the surgery over 1 year ago and everything turned out fine. his headaches were gone about 2 weeks after the surgery. We worked with a soft tissue expert that did a remarkable job by working the neck muscles for mobility! As a matter of fact the surgeon was really surprised at the mobility of his neck 6 weeks after surgery! my advice to you is to line up a message therapist or a Chiropractor that is familiar with advanced relief therapy! Our chiro was Dr. Robin Hunter of Ohio State University sports med and teaches ART all over the country. My son was released from surgeon's care with the advice of no cervical adjustments for 2 months. you will need help for about 2 weeks

with eating/hi-gene/dressing and everyday care for about 2 weeks. Make sure you have pain medication and take them timely!

God bless you and you will feel much better and be able to return to a normal life in about 6 months!

I think the person said it great above. Just take your meds on time. Try to get enough rest don’t over do it. I stayed sick a lot so I really had to watch what I had to eat but I ate light didn’t get hot and got a lot of rest. I hope everything goes good !

When I came home from the hospital, the most important things were to get plenty of rest, take the meds on time, and I slept in a recliner in my basement for about three weeks post-op. I also used a memory foam wedge pillow for about a year and a half, which really helped. I wish you luck on your surgery!

I had decompression surgery on April 1st. I found something that was lifesaver for me. I read somewhere before my surgery to get a down filled pillow and sew through the middle of it. They said it helps to support the neck muscles and yet doesn't put pressure on the middle of the head where the incision is ( I am still suing this). For the first week I used this pillow along with my reg tempurpedic pillow to sleep and after week one was able to just sleep on the tempurpedic pillow alone. I also use this pillow daily as I am sitting on the couch as it supports the sides of my head and relieves the muscles in my neck and allows me to have limited yet controlled movement of the muscles while being supported. I really think this pillow has helped the muscles in my neck heal form this surgery. Good luck.

Hmmm…I brought a couple of real pillows from home, you can never have enough pillows!! Some ear plugs, the hospital is noisy 24/7. Here, I’ll just make a list, toss it out if you want!

Soft, Thick Sox’s
Music and movies
More Pillows

In the hospital, just do your best, relax as much as you can. The more people that show up to cheer you up (that’s what they think) really turns out to be just too much. A visitor or two is fine, more than that you end up feeling like you’re a specimen in a test tube, you’re gonna get questions like these, and you’re gonna wanna answer like this…but won’t, you just want too…

“How are you feeling?” (Are you kidding me, I’ve got a hole in my head!)
“Would you like me to do anything?” (Yes, trade places with me or leave!)
“Wow, all things considered, you really look good!” (In that case, then you need to be in a bed in this hospital!)
“Let me know if there’s anything I can do!” (BTW, there is…make my car payment!)

It’s nice to have people stop by, and honestly, don’t be afraid to reach out and accept someones generosity. They honestly want to help, and offering their help, in anyway, is their way of saying, I would be there next to you in that bed, on that couch, wherever, if I could! So let them in okay!!

As far as at home…if you can set it up prior, make it as quiet and stress free as possible! This is very important if you do nothing else, make it or have your family make it just as I am going to say it…FOLKS, THIS PLACE NEEDS TO BE JUST LIKE AN ALL INCLUSIVE RESORT, AND IM THE ONLY ONE STAYING HERE! Please, if only anything, make sure they understand this okay, it will make the difference in the way your recovery goes. You need extreme peace and quiet, no kids screaming, dogs barking, chickens hollering, phones ringing…nothing that has stress in it! Drink plenty of fluids, eat when you can, and hang in there, it’s not fun, but nothing lasts forever!

You’re in my prayers, may God be with you and your medical team! You’re gonna be just fine, just a walk in the park!!