What makes me smile and make life better

hi all.

My kids and i were heading down to my studio, to do some painting, my daughter grabbed my hand and walked with me, then out of the blue she said



i asked "why was her heart peeping",

her reply "cause i love you"

she is just turned 5, i painted those words metallic gold on a canvas, and added butterflys.

i signed the bottom, quoted by amelia and then the date,

I thought it would be nice to share this, even now when i think about it, its makes me smile.

if you have a story you would like to share i bet everyone would love to hear it.

what made it even more special is her saying peeping instead of beating. lol

it make me laugh, thats what made it so great to paint those words on canvas,

so it is always with me.


That is so precious...and for you to capture it on canvas is priceless. When she gets older, I'm sure she will love hearing the part she played in making you feel better at a time when you really need something uplifting. I have things that my daughter gave me and did for me when she was little and I love sharing them with her now and letting her know how meaningful they were and are to me. Your experience and joy makes me smile too!!!!!